Monday, March 31, 2008

Waxing Poetica

Yesterday was one of those days I had always looked forward to. It was chilly here, no- it was downright cold...but the sun was bright and strong and the sky an indescribable shade of blue. After getting to sleep in (well, not actually sleep- but roll around alot and not have to get out of bed) hubby had taken the kids out for a few hours. So I got up when I heard them leave, made my coffee and sat outside with the newspaper for a few hours. They got home, had lunch and then Emily Rose wanted to go to the pool and Rachel didn't. Yeah me. Alone time, sort of. So we packed extra towels so I could cover up, and off we went.

I have always said that I looked forward to the day when my kids were old enough to play in the pool without having to sit in the damned pool with them. Well, yesterday was the first time I got to do that. I actually read a book while she played. A book you say? You know, those many paged bound and covered things that I used to plow through like one a week? This little gem was a gift from Cheryl called 'A Gift from the Sea' and it is what I would call a bathroom book as it is small, fits on the back lid, and can be read in short chapters. Anyway, it's all about stopping to appreciate the things in life. Taking time to be alone without being lonely. Taking time to treasure the things in life that put a real smile on your face. Taking time to appreciate your spouse alone together...sometimes sitting together in silence is a good thing.

I think the author (written over 50 years ago and is still relevant) was saying that when you take the time to be alone , you value the time you are not alone even more. That those things that occupy your time and space and energy are that much more meaningful when given an opportunity be savored. Like closing your eyes when you eat a marvelous meal or sip a juicy delicious wine. Try it, the food actually tastes better that way.

If life could only be swirled like a wine glass to release its bouquet or decanted to let the sediment fall to bottom only to savor the best juice intended.

Enough waxing the poetic.....time to get back to reality until the next time when a few real good hours come my way. And speaking of swirling- for me there is always time for that!!

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