Saturday, March 22, 2008

Only in My dreams

So I have an innate ability to remember my dreams...most of the time. This one is from Friday - Good Friday.

Now- there should be an aside to tell you a bit about this. For many years, our extended family used to jokingly call my father Jesus Christ. He is the only male first cousin of all the first cousins. His mother had many sisters and one brother each who had two children. Dad is the only male of those children.

There was this really tiny airplane. It was like a 4 seater when you looked at it from the outside. But on the inside it was spacious and huge. With a patio and BBQ grill, lounge chairs, bar, palm trees - really weirdly huge and comfortable. So there we were on this tiny plane. My mom and dad, their oldest friends - the Horowitzes, my sister, and hubby. Two Barbie Doll flight attendants - and I mean real Barbie Dolls with tiny waists and molded features, and of course I was there.

Now as incredulous as this sounds (read: sarcasm) I couldn't fathom how this tiny plane could hold all these people and an outdoor pizza oven and comfy seating and fly. Hubby told me to chill and have a mojito and enjoy the ride. So I did. We were all having a great time talking about fun things from the past. Dad has scotch, mom her vodka - they were so happy hanging out and reminiscing. Hubby took his rightful spot at the BBQ grill then...

Loud noises, thunks and clunks, lights dimming...the Barbie's smoothly moved to the cockpit to make announcements. "Please take your seats, we're in for a bumpy ride". They started hurling things off the plane to lighten the load (don't ask me how they did that - it was a dream)

I started to freak - now I know you find that hard to freak out about transportation? Naaahhh.

I started to say "Oh, my god- Oh my god! What is happening? We're going down" Oh my GOD!
And , to that - my dad sits up and says "What?" I say - "Jesus Christ..." and to that he says "I am not Jesus. I told you I was God."

Then light shot from his hands. His light touched my sister and I and he said it wasn't time yet.
Then I woke up.

This was the first time I have dreamt of dad since he passed away. I'd say this was a doozy first dream. This was a Good Friday. I am not going to read into this too much. I woke up feeling okay. I didn't feel disturbed or bothered by this. I even found it kind of funny. Later in the day, the kids and I saw a license plate that said "PA PEA" and that reminded me of the dream. I told the girls about it. Maybe this was a good thing. A type of healing acceptance that he is really gone. Who knows?

Only in My dreams.

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Unknown said...

i never told you!
at the begining of March, i had a dream.. but it wasnt really a dream. i dont know.. but in my dream i woke up to find poppy sitting on my bed telling me to "get up or i was gonna be late." and i said to him "late for what?" "its saturday." and he took my hand and showed me. - have you ever read Julius Caesar? well, Julius ghost's went to visit Brutus and tell him they'd meet again.. and in scrooge, the ghost of christmas past? well anyways, poppy took me into the past. it started in Boston; in my old house. at my baby naming or whatever it was. the one with the banner that said welcome to the world danielle? and from then on we went to their old condo on the beach and i saw poppy and i playing in the house and in the pool. we skipped along a few years and ended up in grammys house and saw poppy lifting me on that pink kick board and i saw myself standing on his shoulders saying "TA-DA". then he showed me and my mom getting pickles for him at the flea-market. it continues on for a while. but then it comes to an end and we're back in my room now and poppy and i are sitting on my bed and i start to cry telling him that "i promise i wont bite my nails anymore, and that i'll pull my grades up." and i tell him that he "(you)would be so proud of me! i;m learning how to drive and every now and then i get a little gas breaky!" he laughs, and tells me " im proud of you dani, i love you." im not too sure of the rest of the dream, but i know i woke up and the picture of poppy and i from my Bat Mitzvah was on the ground infront of my bed. wierd right? a couple weeks before that, i was in the car and i saw a license plate that said "poppy". no lie. you'll have to ask my mom about the car ride home from orlando to hear about her visit with poppy. but anyways, the last time i had a dream like this was when my dads mother, my nanna died. and i was like 4 and i said "i saw nanna on my bed last night"- a little while after her funeral.
just thought i'd share my dream with you so you know your not alone when it comes to dreaming of poppy.