Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pushing 50...

Micro grams that is....age wise I am still on just shy of that milestone.

Went to Dr. today. He is upping my Synthroid yet again. This time to 50 mcgs. Whatever that means. Had blood work done and according to that lab - I am at the lowest of the lab's range for T4 - whatever that means. What that does mean however, is that the stuff is working slowly but surely. So, the road ahead is just that. A road ahead. Long or otherwise.

My brother is having issues with his thyroid again. And my sister has nodules as well. What is up with that? Is there something in the water, or hormones we fed to our cattle or chickens, or something with cross cultivation of plants or pesticides or something that MAN has done to our food chain that would cause all of this? One has to wonder. Lately, there have been so many of my generation that is having problems with their thyroid - maybe technology has gotten the best of us in some weird way.

Not to be a fanatic- but go organic whenever you can. Maybe my children will benefit from sustainable farming techniqes and organic milk , protien and grains. Hubby and I make a concerted effort to do so - not that I'll freak out if they have high fructose corn syrup, or whole milk - but as a rule, we go organic when we can. It can't hurt, right? Wish I could get the kids of Skippy and Welch's Grape Jelly, though. But once you've had a taste...there's no going all natural there.

Anyway- what I do know is that I have more energy than I had just a week ago. My Dr. took one look at me and said "I see what you mean about the puffiness and weight gain" I look absolutely pregnant. And, unless my immaculate conception - that ain't the case. He also said that the strength of my voice may never come back. That is a wait and see. He said he may have damage the laryngeal nerve - but not sure. He said I am not an opera singer or a professional radio personality so it's not an issue. But when his kid is running across a parking lot and he can't yell for them to stop, or he can't cheer his child on at a soccer game - let's see if it's an issue for him. Hopefully, this will get better - but like everything else, this is part of the bumps in this road to recovery.


George, Group Admin said...

last time I heard of that many in a family having problems with the same thing (thyroid) was while living in Denmark for four years. Seems they only use sea salt with no iodine. The simple things we forget about in life.


Unknown said...

that is true about scandinavia and much of Europe in iodized salt = many thyfoid removals.