Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday, Ramblings

"Irv , clean up on aisle 5!"

Today I did something I have never done before...I got rid of my grey. And not by pulling it out as I have been doing for years. I never had a lot of grey, but it is a different texture than the rest of my mess of fur, so it is much more noticeable. I don't know about you, but since the 40's- my hair has gone from beautiful curls to wirey fuzz....almost pubic in nature. Ick.

Today I got a haircut for the first time in 18 months....yeah, I swear. Eighteen months. I also got more brunetter, just enough to cover the greys, and some much needed conditioning and lots of shine.

And all only for 3 1/2 hours and $120.00 which for WLV (the toney city north of LA), that's a good deal!

I also think I had a celebrity sighting....although I don't know what this Real Housewife of NYC was doing in LA...Ramona? Was that you?? Do you have to come all the out here to get your hair done in shorts, flip flops and no makeup? Feel free to let your roots grow out in sunny California! We won't take out an ad in Variety..unless you don't tip the shampoo girl!


We had an earthquake yesterday. About 25 miles east of LA. I felt it here. Truth be known, I was more concerned that the kids would be sent home early from camp....that would have totally screwed up my day. What's a little rattling, anyway. There was funny picture (well, not so funny) of a clerk in a Walmart in Chino (the epicenter of said quake) cleaning up all the deodorant that fell off the shelves. When I first saw the picture I thought he was a looter, not the stock clerk. I bet he was happy that they stock the shelves by color, size and popularity rather than by brand. And, only in California...the dude on the right with the blackberry. "Gotta text my boyeez about this one fo'shizzle!" Pulitzer , schmulitzer.....

Still, after living in and through umpteen blizzards (grew up in Boston) , several hurricanes (lived in FL) and the 17 year cicadas (metro DC) I wouldn't trade Southern California weather for a few rolls of the tectonic plates.

PS - mom, you didn't even call? whazzup with that!

The little one has been talking about Poppy a lot lately. She seems to end every sentence with "and Poppy" or "not Poppy cuz he's dead". I had a dream about him last night. A dream of him and I from December when he told me he wasn't ready to say goodbye to me yet....he was young and had hair and wasn't sick...he was sorry that he couldn't be there for me when I was sick - although I am so glad he wasn't. I had a tough time re-dialing out of that dream and into another one. A fitfull. restless night of sleep , too.

Rachel asked if rainbows were Poppy talking to us from heaven when he was happy and thunder was him when he was mad. (this was a real conversation not my dream). I assured her that he was up 'there' watching us and he let's us know he's there with weather. She said "I guess since we don't get much rain here, and they gots lots in Florida - he must talk to Grammy all the time!!!" Precious little one, just precious.


Weith Kick said...

That's right, I forgot, there was an earthquake in Cali. I used to live there and remember those.

I don't know Poppy, but that was a tender and touching account of thunder, rainbows, and heaven.

Robin said...

Glad y'all are ok over there. Never really felt a quake before. We supposedly felt aftershocks here in Vegas but personally didn't feel any..

I'm so sorry about Poppy. I completely know where you are comng from. Piper talks to Wrigley all the time up in Heaven. It's so sweet but painful at the same time. Life is just so unfair at times.

Thanks to my big bro as well for leaving you a nice comment. I'm pretty sure it reminded him of Wrigley as well. :-)


Nik said...

I'm happy to hear ya'll are ok. I was wondering how many peeps in the SITS realm were hit with the quake.

I love the comment and realization that your little one had...too cute.

amelia bedelia said...

Hey! I just spent the last hour reading your blog....yes, its midnight (why am i not in bed)..but I wanted you to know first of all you are hysterical but most important, I, too, lost my Daddy in January of this year. On the 5th. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday? I miss him so much, but try so hard to remember that laughter was so very important to him. I added you to my favs, so I can check back often.

Lula! said...

I dug every word of your rumblings...I mean, ramblings. Post a pic of the new 'do, please. Or else I'll forever think of you as you looked in the Pretty Poison video. ROCK ON!

M said...

I'd love to see a pic of the new do!

Good for you for going and out doing something for yourself.

Fannie said...

40ish = shitty hair. Check

Earthquakes = why I couldn't live in CA. Check

My secret shame = "The Real Housewives". Check

Call my dad and tell him I love him. Check

Anonymous said...

Good for you getting your hair done, does it feel lovely? I get my hair highlighted to cover the gray and I feel like a new woman - for a day!

scargosun said...

So much information! I am glad you guys made it through ok. You need to write that quote somewhere about the rain in FL and treasure it always.
I still dream about my Dad. I need to blog about the most recent one.

Debbie said...

I hear ya about the gray...only it's every six weeks for me and it's 155 smackeroos plus tip. And I refuse to stop paying for it. Funny and poignant ramblings all at the same time!

Insane Mama said...

Did you get your hair done for me? Or your vacation? I need a haircut so bad.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I have been dying my hair for a looonnnggg time. It was grey in high school. And as a matter of reunion is this weekend...and I need to dye it tomorrow. But I do it myself. Me an my bottle of herbal instincts "clove."

Katrina :) said...

New 'do's are fun. I am in desperate need of one too! Just got to make some time. :) Thanks for sharing your blog with me... and we felt that lovely little earthquake too! But people just don't get it. I am with you, I will take the shaken over any other place. We do live in paradise!