Saturday, July 26, 2008

MeMe, MyMy - Rock and Roll will never die.....

Boy oh Boy folks... get yourselves a cocktail and sit back for another list of fun facts about yours truly...I was tagged by the ever popular Ms. Farklepants herself. Tootsie as she is called. I had been stalking...ahem, aaah ...reading her since I started this thing some months ago. This is one is called the Meme* With No Name. So thank you and your Farklepanted self for asking me to partake.

*what the heck is a meme anyway? How do you pronouce this word? Is is like Maim or MayMay or what? Please, someone clue me in on this before I have to resort to more stalking.

What is your favorite quotable line from a Movie? This one is a hard one because there are so many great lines from great movies that we have seen ...I would have start with the most oft quoted line in our house is from the Godfather. "Leave the gun, take the canoli" Now it's not that we can use this line all the time; We aren't in this kind of situation often - but when it has come up...we had no problem ripping off this one .

The next lines ...I am embarrassed to say are from the Shrek movies. We laugh all the time at our family and ourselves and find ourselves looking at them - and spitting out that line from Shrek 1 where Eddie Murphy's donkey first sees what he and the big pink "oh you're a girl dragon , of course you're a girl dragon - you' are just ah just reeking of ah femininity (she blows a heart shaped smoke ring at him) Do I detect a note of minty freshness?" have spawned. They fly at him and he says "Look at my mutant babies!" Progenic Pride. I share the same gifts which Hubby and I have spawned with a donkey and a big pink firebreathing dinosaur. What an apt metaphor for this thing called us. I'll let you think about that for a while.

And, of course, there is the oft quoted - by Rhett and by me...."Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

How many bags/boxes of Potato Chips are consumed at your place in a month? We buy small lunchbox bags of salty treats for the kids. So ...2 x 5 x 4 (kids x days x weeks) = 40 bags. That does not, of course, include the family sized bags of chips and pretzles and goldfish we go through during particularly hormonal, I mean when we have parties with lots of people (not me) to eat them all. And if we had to include microwave pop corn ...we'd have to add bunches more. I do try to get the baked chip type objects for the kids whenever possible. (it's really gross when you think about it, huh?)

My name is Swirl Girl. (Hello Swirl Girl) And I am a salt and grease junkie.

Who is the most famous person you have spoken to? Now that all depends on whether or not you consider drooling and tongue tripping blather actually talking. You can read back onto an old post about my Brushes with Greatness but I would say it was George Clooney. Let's just say - I am sure it more memorable for me than it was for him. He won't be callin' me anytime soon for a date to the Oscars.

Who is your all time favorite Cartoon Character? Another tough one. If we're including non-animated muppet type characters as well, I'd have to put Fozzy Bear into the mix. So misunderstood in both sense of fashion and sense of humor, I can relate to Fozzy in so many ways. Whokka! Whokka! Whokka!

And how 'bout those Flintstones? The lot of them. Sort of like the cartoon version of the Honeymooners ensemble. Just love 'em.


We interrupt this broadcast for a message from the MOM IS FREAKING OUT alert. This is an actual emergency -I repeat ...this is not a drill folks!

Emily and I are sitting and watching the Hannah Monana Movie in 3D . The little one actually said "I am tired and want to go to bed" (the freak of nature) So she just went down. Emily's watchin' and the 3D thing is starting to wreck her eyes so she wants to change the channel. No, that's not the emergency. Although I did need some cabin pressure stabalization when she said she wanted to change from the Disney channel.

Here's the MIFO panic- She switches to Animal Planet. I don't mind that she likes Shark Week, and The Grossest Animals Show. But there is this new show called something like The Dog Whisperer. It's like the Super Nanny for dogs. Some Brittish chick who can train unruly canines. This episode is about a bulldog with two punk rock (repleat with mohawk and pins and piercings and tats) leather clad owners and the dog has a humping problem! This dog humped so hard it left bruises on his owners and the super dog whispering nanny. So they had to train him before it was too late or they'd have to neuter him! Emily is watching and I could see the questions forming in her 8 year old head. She asks "Mom (don't ask, switch the channel, ohplease,ohplease, i don't wanna have this conversation with you) what is neutering? And just what is he doing?" I blurt out - "It's when they cut his penis off". I know, I know, that's not what it is. Sue Me. I am no animal person, but without having to explain what testicles are and what they are used for, and all the rest - I thought this would suffice as an answer for the moment. It did. Phew! MIFO diverted ...she switched on to an Old Scooby Doo on Boomerang.

********We now resume regular broadcasting**********

What foreign food Dish do you prepare from scratch and serve? We try very hard not to serve prepared , frozen foods here. Every once in a while a trip to the freezer section is okay. but just about everything we make is from 'scratch.' Hubby does most of the cooking. And mostly on the grill. I make a mean lasagna, and years ago my friend Cheryl wrote this little cookbook and there was a Mousaka recipe that I love to death. I love making Risottos (anything with wine really) so Italian dishes are easy and everpresent. And I don't know if it's foreign, but the same woman (hi mom)who fed me spaghetti with butter and ketchup sauce also makes what is lovingly referred to as "Mommy's Famous Chicken". It is basically a cross between Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chicken Saltimboca. It's kind of a family comfort food classic 'round these parts.

What is your favorite section of the Supermarket? The 'toes aisle. Chee. Fri. Dori and Pota. (refer back to your 12 step manual for the definition and treatment )

What was your high school teams mascot and what were the school's colors? No recollection in the least. I do, however, recall the walls of the C Hall girls room were painted this sort of pukish light green. And the stalls were a royal blue. I spent a lot of time in their most of the time with a Bic lighter in my face. Heh, Heh, Heh.

Okay - how'd I do?

The rules:

1. Answer the above questions in a blog posting. 2. Identify the people who you are going to tag, and 3. Acknowledge who tagged you.

I've already tagged some people for other things and I feel like I am overdoing on the tagging thing. I don't want to play favorites because I love (need) you all and my commenters are growing and I need the validation and my head is going to explode just thinking about my kid asking me about dog balls.......whoa - I am back now.

But, as I have said before, I try to follow rules, so Robin, Brittany, and Happy Hour Sue - rock on my friends. And if you don't (wait for it )...."Frankly my dear(s), I don't give a damn."


KatBouska said...

I thought I came and retrieved my lovely fact I know for a fact I've been here at least three times this week...maybe I was eating. I do that a lot. When I eat I don't comment. I read only for pleasure. You pleasure me. Not like that (you're so sick) I mean you're fun to read!!!

I think it's pronounce Me Me. And I don't know what the heck that means. Maybe because when you do a meme you're talking about...not about me, but about you...I didn't want to say youyou because I thought that would throw you off and crap...what was I talking about again??

Love the movie quotes, you all sound like fun to live with!! You mind if I stay for awhile...or at least tag along on your date with RFamily and Insane Mama?? Pretty please??

Weith Kick said...

A humping dog that left bruises??? Disturbing and hilarious. Our Grandparents had a dog (Chris) who used to hump the legs of my sister and me when we were kids. It was disturbing and hilarious at the same time. I like how you go from a conversation with your daughter about neutering dogs to a show about a cartoon dog. Was Scooby neutered?

Tiffany said...

Okay, the bic lighter in your face has me cracking up. And, you told her they cut off his penis.. hahahahahah.

Trish said...

funny, except now said eight year old is going to grow up thinking that penis' can just be lopped off...........

so, during a commercial my eight year old switched over to a channel that was showing George Lopez, right as someone said something about condoms........that's what I had to explain about tonight.

maybe the humping dog just needs to be taught about safe humping practices?

thanks for stopping by tonight!

Swirl Girl said...

Mama: I thought it was mee mee since I am talking about Me Me. But I like to think of it is May May since what I write may be real or may be the truth 'stretched'

Weith: I don't know about Scooby, but Shaggy is for sure.

Tiffany: is there a reason you were particularly attracted to that factoid? heh, heh, heh

Trish: maybe we need to redefine the family hour. 8-10 not 8-9.

Tenakim said...

I would have gone the same route with the nuetering thing- it's just easier that way!

Nik said...

Too funny about the animal planet 'outing'....or would that be 'loping' as in loping off? Is that even spelt right? Loping, lopping...shall we try it with an accent? lawping, lahpin. Regardless, living in a house where I'm outnumbered by penises 3:1, I'd say just cutting them off might not be a bad thing o;>

From my Animal Planet loving unlahpped household to you, thanks for the laugh.

Sue Wilkey said...

Wait- I was really excited there for a second that there was a "scratch and serve" type meal. No? Damn.

Hilarious post.

Sue Wilkey said...

p.s. In my head I always say "meem". Also: Oh no, now I have to tag someone. :)

Anonymous said...

OK - so I don't think we had a school mascot per se. But we were definitely the Framingham North High SPARTANS. And our colors were green and gold. Wow, you really did block out those high school years. And I agree, the bic lighter was perpetually in ALL of our collective faces. what else was the C hall girls room for????

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I thought it was meem. But that doesn't mean I know what I am talking about.

And I too am an addict of the toe aisle. And I just didn't know it had a name. It is definitely my favorite aisle. Next to the one with the Coke Zero.

miri68 said...

Humping dogs, high school, 'toes, and movies, don't they all go together? Hilarious!

Lula! said...

"The 'toe' aisle..."
Freaking brilliant. It's my new favorite term. It's also my favorite aisle--give me greasy salt over sweet sugar any day.

And just so you know--I tried interviewing 3 different people in my family this past weekend, asking them to give me 6 quirky things about myself. I could only get 4 out of 'em. But I'm still working on it...even though you tagged me about 5 months ago for it. OK, more like 2 weeks, but still...

Robin said...

Hey Swirlie, thanks for the tag! Coincidentally, I just posted the 100+ dumbest things you ever wanted to know about me on my blog for my 100th post obligatory duties. I am bracing ;-) myself for your comments, hahahahaha! Thanks for playing faves with me!

PS. My brother actually liked it when our grandparents dog humped his leg. I, however, was afraid Chris's little red pee stick would touch my leg so I always ran.

PPS. I think you should create a blog award called I was Fuckin Swirl'd!

Insane Mama said...

Whoa,The dog left bruises? That is some serious humping! I'm with Mamas losin it, I do not know what a MeMe means. I love your Shrek line..

Unknown said...

I love the interruption. You quickly averted a difficult conversation - I applaud you for it. I do have a recommendation, when you feel it is time to have the talk buy the book "Where Did I Come From?" is is illustrated and answers all of the questions. I had it as a kid.

Oh and the 'toes aisle? Gotta luv it!

Trooper Thorn said...

There really is no suitable time for a lesson on dog humping, neutering or canine reproduction in general. However, there could have been worse situations for the conversation:
- close relative’s wedding
- Presidential swearing in
- tax audit
- Olympic medal presentation
- birth

~Swankymama said...

Great post! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog!

Anonymous said...

"No body puts Baby in a corner..." My favorite line from a movie...and the dad in the movie reminds me of Poppy...and was one of Poppys favorites.