Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Fun

As is the custom on summer weekends , we frequent the P.U.D.'s (planned urban development)pool. Alot. Now that Rachel is swimming, I don't have to be in the pool at all times. I can be, if I want to. And, the past few days, I have wanted to. Apparantly so do the other P.U.D. dwellers, because the powers that be have chosen to overdose the pool with extra chlorine - so much so that the brights of summer swimsuits have already started to fade, and the blonde haired P.U.D. dwellers' blonde hairs are turning green. I can usually be seen with hair tied up in big knot, sunglasses atop the crown (not to protect my eyes, but to act as a headband), floating on a noodle, squinting - occasionally I toss a ball, or squirt some kind of water pistol. I just don't want to submerge. I tell my girls it's because I need to keep an eye on them (yeah, right) or I don't like getting water up my nose (that is partly the truth) but truth is I don't want to screw with my hair.

Yesterday, after many attempts at avoiding the full dunk - aah, who am I kidding, I don't even like getting splashed above the chin for fear that I might instantly turn into the big afro bear from the Hair Bear Bunch" (*see insert above) Hanna Barbera cartoon anyone? Adam Ant/ Secret Squirrel anyone, anyone? I poof up to insta-fro status in no time - I finally relented and went all in. My girls, who are all over Hubby like a wet-suit getting thrown and swung and such are all agog that Mommy dunked her head! Like they had just witnessed the actual Jonas Brothers jump into our P.U.D's pool. Mommy dunked her head!! All the while, I am planning the next moves. How do I get out and cover both my big ass and my big hair? Are we going anywhere tonight? Nahh, we never do. I need an hour to shower, landscape and blow dry...when am I gonna get the hour? If I go to sleep with wet head, how can I go anywhere in the morning? Clearly you need a plan! Act quickly!

Me. "Girls, tomorrow we are coming to the pool again."

them: "Yeah! Can we have a picnic?"

Me. " sure, and (we'll stay out all day especially since the #$@#% neighbors are
having a new patio put in and I'd rather listen to radiodisney AM 1110 on full
blast through a tunnel than listen to the sound of frickin' jackhammers that start
at 7:27 a.m. ) we'll bring the noodles and water toys and snacks, oh my!
them: "Yaaayeee!" Will you dunk your head mommy?

Me: "Sure, I'll dunk my head."

them: "..and be 'fun mommy' and swim for real under water across the bottom of the pool?
...canyoucanyouohpleaseohpleaseohpleasebe FUN Mommy?"

Me: "sure (as opposed to what, sucky mommy?), but then I get my hour - right?

So that's what we did today. I was Fun Mommy for real ohpleaseohpleaseohplease, and then I got my hour to take care of 'bidness.


One more thing...I am famous even more so than my most wildest dreams (I have low expectations, no?) You see, a clip of my first (only) movie role has been unearthed by Lula of Lulaville. She has started a Monday music tribute post and this week's is 80's dance music. Now, go to her page... scroll down to the last video clip ...It's the music video from a one hit wonder called Pretty Poison. The video is of a song from a cheesy Jon Cryer movie. I used to date the extras casting agent and I was an extra on the movie and my 'scene' is part of this video! It's a good thing Lula found it since I don't even know if the movie was ever released or if my scene ever made it the final cut. (that's show biz talk for final product) Now, as I recall, the scene is about Jon's character running from the bad guys through a train station in Boston. You can watch the video 80's dance band interspersed with clips from the movies. Now, slowly move the video counter to 1:06. There is a white cement post and Jon Cryer practically mows down a woman (or a black cement post) in a cloak like black peacoat with dark brown, long, curly hair. Did you blink? Did you see me?? Of course, my back is the camera (evidentally not my best side)-and it was friggin' cold in Boston that day. I remember 'running' the scene (that's showbiz talk again, sorry-you know how we actors can get. It means rehearsing) trying to come up my characters motivation for waiting for the train that day. Was she going to work? Had she just had a bad breakup? Was she trying to remember where the Kraft Services was? (showbiz for catering truck). But, the scene went so quickly and Jon ran so swiftly, our arms brushing against one another like so many fallen leaves. He made the train and escaped the bad guys. I got my $50 check, a bad lunch and a cold sore from standing out in the frickin' cold for 6 hours.
Aaah, Good Times, Good Times.
And one more leeetle thing - my game show re-airs July 11th on NBC. Merv Griffin's Crosswords usually airs two half hour shows in most markets. Mine is the second half hour show. I am the one who didn't win, who's seafoam green twin set looks pee-pee yellow under all the lights, who looks oddly uncomfortable in lipstick and hairspray, who answered only a few question (faulty buzzer for sure) - the one standout is: 5 letters for Gumbi's Dog. POKEY!!
I'm Fun Mommy - with frizzy hair who clearly watched too much t.v. as a youngster.


LiteralDan said...

Oh my god, I TOTALLY remember you in that video!! I can't believe that was really you!!!

Are you buying that? Does it make you feel good? lol

Cristin said...

Oh my God you're like totally famous!!

I'm not fun Mommy...

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I'm not a fun mommy either. I don't like to get my hair wet. And actually when we go to our neighborhood pool...I don't even like to get in. But here at the beach...where no one knows me...and I don't care what they think about me in my suit...can be the fun mommy. And swim under water. And splash in the waves. And wear goggles that make me look like a bug...

Lula! said...

You are soooooooooooooo famous. Yo are sooooooooooooooo fun mommy. Just being in a Jon Cryer movie ups your cool quotient by a billion points.

So glad to have discovered the greatness that is you--in a Pretty Poison video. That's just awesome!

Anonymous said...

One, I think it is brilliant you were in a Jon Cryer movie and I could totally tell that you guys had a "moment" while he ran past you. However, he was particularly scary with that beard and blow dryed hair!

Two, I totally remember the Hair Bear Bunch however anyone I ever ask about this has not got a clue what I am talking about, so I feel like you have validated me and I wasn't hallucinating the whole cartoon!

Debbie said...

Aw come on fun mommy, dunk yer head pretty please!! That is a GREAT story. Oh and your "brush" with fame...with Jon less!!!! Woo hoo!

Oh oh and I am so going to Tivo your game show!!!! You really are famous!!!

Tiffany said...

Yeah for Fun Mommy! Yeah, you;d think with the whole pmac thing that I'd be a 7 year olds dream come true.. not so much.

Daddy on the other hand is a whiffle ball playing, let's go to the park and yes I'll pay outside barrel of fun.

I'll have to see if Lula can scrounge up the Growing Pains episode I was in....

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I jumped in the lake this past weekend and all 3 of my children fainted.

Unknown said...

Wow..i saw you leaning against the pole. Where you wearing white sox?

What about your stint on the Ellen show? People can even see your face! (mine too!)

Wineplz said...

dude...I'm with ya on the not messin' w/the highlights. I try to not go under the water much either because I spend way too much money to get my hair like it is, just to make it green and pay even more money to fix it.

Apple Joos said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I've thought about going into business with my party planning but that seems like a lot of hassle. I don't want to deal with Bridezillas. Does anyone, really? How would I make any money if I punched everyone who got persnickety with me in the eyes?

M said...

I am so there tomorrow. DH has serious issues with the fairness of that show.

Sadly, I do not remember that song or the video, I was a bit on the young side.