Tuesday, April 1, 2008

something funny ....

I just googled Swirl Girls Pearls and although I found my blog somewhere on page 27 or 28 -lots of actual pearl jewelry references and apparantly there are some porno references there as well. Did I miss something? And you thought I was just being clever when in reality I am a sexy beast....

I went back to my dance class today for 2nd time this year. The last time I went, I felt as though I was slogging through mud. Today was ...FUN! It felt good to cha-cha and mambo and chasse again! Those two little hours a week are my diva hours, and now I can enjoy them again- even at 60%. Wish I could sing along, though. Gracias Irene !

I have been emailing with some old friends from high school these past few days. It's amazing that after 25 (or more) years, memories flood back in as if no time has passed at all. Our lives all took divergent paths, but as I have always said - or rather as Dan Fogelberg said in the song of the same title....

"Love when you can,
Cry when you have to
Be who you must,
It's a Part of the Plan"

that was actually my quote in my yearbook....next to BH's at WK's. And those of us in the know , know what that means. Kinda sad that that is how people remember me from High School. I think 5 girlfriends referenced me in their 'memories' in some way. I guess I should be happy to be remembered at all.

just thought of it kinda funny, no?

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Anonymous said...

Just got my invite to my
30th reunion. My thinggy under my picture said....party at madame Stellas house of IR (Ill repute) Our parents always encouraged us to have people over so 1) they would know our friends 2) they would know where we were 3) we wouldnt drive with other kids that were partying.

What is a shame is that you cant do BH's at WK's house anymore cuz WK's parents would be arrested! Remember the big party when you ran away, or the one the following year with the band in the basement....mom bought the keg...couldnt do that anymore. Kids have to sneak it now. (not that we didnt), but there is no safe haven!