Saturday, April 5, 2008

Re: Humongous

If you received an email with this in the subject line, what would do?

Wouldn't you assume that it was one of the hundreds of junk mails you received advertising male enhancement devices? I know I get things like that all the time.

This time, though - I opened this one as I knew what it was.

Our wonderfully bright daughter, Emily Rose, is one of 5 grand prize winners in an essay contest sponsored by Backyard Sports and Humongous Inc. Her teacher entered her class's essays about being what it means to be a good sport in this writing contest. There were only 5 grand prize winners of all the entrants nationwide. Emily was one of them. Needless to say, hubby and I are so proud of her! And, she is exploding with joy and pride as well. As she should be.

I always take 50% percent of the credit when compliments about our kids are given. But this time I'll take more. Emily's penchant for writing and reading come from me moreso than Hubby. If it were a math award, well- that's all him.

I hope the Admission's department at Harvard considers 3rd grade work relevant for the Class of 2017. Damn, that's just an unfathomable number.

And to my wonderful 8 year old - I say "You rock!"

Humongous news, no?

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