Friday, April 4, 2008

In All Seriousness.....NOT

So let it not be said that I am all serious all the time. I can be goofy too.
And if I am not goofy myself, I have no problem making my family goofy, look goofy, do goofy things or act goofy. They are, afterall, my Pinocchio and I - their Gipetto! The ultimate puppeteer!

I believe I have found the sure fire marriage-reparation device of the century. Although I would not put on the the goofy helmet ( I do have standards ) these little gloves will put a smile on anyone's face. We had a 4th birthday party for Rachel at a place called Pump It Up. An indoor bounce house and inflatables place. Who had more fun, the 4 year olds or the 40+ year olds? And, we all desperately needed a good laugh as this was just days after my dad's funeral and days before my own shit hit the fan.

"Leave the toilet seat up again, who me - NEVER!

"You spent how much on those shoes??"

"Do I look fat in these jeans?"

We went to the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles. A great museum with an amazing exhibit called Noah's Ark , made with all recycled and repurposed materials that the kids can climb and experiment with. Anyway, one of the happenings that day was a guy who travelled the globe making huge balloon animals and sculptures. He showed us how to make balloon hats and flowers. Can you tell which little one was wiped out and didn't want to be goofy?

What kid doesn't want to surprise their dad when he comes home from work? Rachel hid in the toy basket...can you tell which one is her? I do call her 'dolly' 'cuz she is one. It took him a minute to even know she was there.

I am also including the a short video of the absolute best airport time waster I have ever seen. At Miami International Airport - tucked between a Corona Beer cart and a Bacardi Bar- which happen to be about every ten feet - there is a wall of 'water'. As you walk by it, it moves with you as if you were in the water. Hubby and I got stuck there with the girls (well, between Corona's anyway) and had a blast. We 'swam' with the fishes , if you will. Coulda sold tickets (or at least financed another beer) to the passers-by who were so intrigued by our laughing children - I mean, who actually has FUN in an airport? Quite frankly, hubby can make even the most mundane and tedious event fun, even for me....and you know me and my general fear of all things transportation related. This was a welcome respite and a great way to usher in 2008. It was 12/31/2007.

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Anonymous said...

The craziest thing of all was hearing your voice on the video after so many years! The girls are ADORABLE!