Monday, April 28, 2008

Junk and Stuff

Our family dinners are sure to please. And I don't mean the food...Our kids are good eaters. They eat what we eat. Not fussy at all. They eat salad, love spinach, all protiens, rarely eat frozen anything. And we are all fat and happy with Hubby at the healm. So the other night were having something delicious (as usual) and as Rachel was drinking her water she was 'singing' the water down her throat.

Rachel: " First it goed down my throat, to my tummy and fills my arms and legs...."
Me: "Rachel, what is inside your body?"
Rachel: " Food, water, junk, and Pez"
All of all crack up and almost choke...
Me: "Pez? You know what is in your body, right?"
Rachel: "Yup! Bones, Blood, junk and stuff and PEZ!"
She knew she made a funny one and gave us - or tried to give us the one eyed, finger cocked, winking face. This is how it came out.
I wonder if I lifted her neck, would a sweet tart come out?

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