Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mind Your P's and Q's

Real Conversation after dinner tonight:

Rachel was 'finched' eating for the day and had got up from the table to look through her Viewfinder.

Rachel: "Look, a P-cock!"
Hubby: "Do you see a Q-cock"
Rachel: " Here Q-cock, Here cute-cock"
Me: " Hello, Mrs. Rachel's mom? This is the preschool office. Aah, we have Rachel with us..."
Me: Hubby blew water out his nose.

All of this went over both girls' heads, thank goodness.
We're bent, they are still straight.
Emily is 1/2 asleep after a long and eventful playdate of painting pottery and swimming.
She takes a sip of water and it, too, dribbles out of her mouth.

Me: " Nice, Emily - got a hole in you lip?"
Emily: "Gotta a hole in my pie hole!"

Now where do they get that from?

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