Monday, April 28, 2008

I wish they all could be California girls....

In front of Tiffany's on Rodeo Drive
sans the bling.....:(

Emily's Chicken and Waffles!

So my sister and niece came to sunny Southern Californ-i-a last week. We did some shopping, some eating, some more shopping, some sightseeing, and some more shopping. As is was Passover on Saturday, we thought we'd do some traditional dining as well. We started our day at Pink's Hot Dogs in Los Angeles. A belly-buster lunch as I would call it. And, since it was a jewish holiday, we chose Pink's because they are All-Beef hot dogs. And, they answer to a higher power, right? Pink's has been around since the 40's and is sort of a Hollywood hot spot. We saw a few limos...but nobody famous.

Then, off to Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Too bad the kids don't know who most of the Stars' stars are. Rachel got a kick out of putting her feet in people's feet. Especially Donald Duck. The original 'The Donald!" Danielle got a kick out of shopping at a few stores that they don't have in SoFla. Dani had $100.00 to spend - and did so. Aside from buying a bunch of cute (and very tiny) t-shirts and jeans (that I couldn't even fit over my arm!) she also managed to wear all of the clothes that day. She would change in the car, or wear something out of the store.

Then off to Rodeo Drive! I had never been there myself. I was quite amazed at the amount of people actually carrying shopping bags from Prada, Chanel, and all of the other fancy shops. Nobody there shops at Le-Tarjet the way we do in the 'burbs, I guess.

Hubby and I popped into Tiffany for our annual "Let's pretend we are actually going to buy something and try on everything in the diamond section " excursion. Hubby is so amazing - if I said yes...I would have walked out of there with the 16 stone anniversary band (which I have wanted since the day we got married). But, I could not enjoy it guilt free, so we'll wait. I am a damned FOOL!

We ended our day - after sunset at another L.A. landmark for dinner. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles! Yes, you read it right. Amazing fried chicken served on a huge fluffy waffle. But, as it was Passover, I opted to eat my chicken and waffle separately. And, don't worry - it stops you up the same as Matzoh!! Elijah woulda been proud, no?

There is a picture of Emily posing in front of the sign. Can you tell which one of these turkey's, er, uh girls is her?

I wish we all could be California girls! Oh wait - WE ARE!!!!!!

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