Monday, February 18, 2008

So you think I've got troubles....

This is an email from our dear friend Tara McNamara....

We got this weird message around the holidays that said 'sorry for the spelling errors, but just recovering from brain surgery....' (there's that screaching sound again)

I have cut and pasted the following. By the way, she inspired me to write the blog.
Her's can be found at and it is quite the hoot.

here is Tara's message this morning.-

Will read as soon as I get home-damn shoddy blackberry-cant pull up websites. I left a msg @ house. Wasn't sure which day u went into surgery. So very glad you are up and about. My blog pretty much says it all, too. I went to obgyn cause just wasn't feelling right, f'd up periods, etc. Ran some tests and hormones were thru roof or dangerously low. Sent for mri, endocronologist Thought it was cushings, turned out I had a tumor size of a pea pressing against pituitary. Went on serious drugs to supress growth of tumor and control hormones. Tumor grew and started to press against optical nerve-caused really bad headaches, visual disturbances, equallibrium, etc. Did lots of research and found a neurosurgeon and ENT that pioneered this procedure. Which a vidoe of similiar procedure is on blog. I didn't share the diagnosis with anyone but sister until I had to tell my family after thanksgiving as they suspected something was up as I said, I just wasn't feeling right. Plus they we're curious about rapid weight loss. It has been a much longer recovery that I expected, however these past two weeks I have really felt the best since this all started in july. Enough about me!! I will read blog and keep up communication. Pls keep me in the loop and I love getting photos of the girls!! Love & miss you all!

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check back daily - I am on a roll!

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