Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Badump - Chhh

So I was talking with our friend Tara just a moment ago...she's the one who had the pituatary tumor. Emily came up to me to ask about something on her homework . Something easy mind you - she's in 3rd grade. I know 3rd grade math.... I think it was 26 -7 x 2 = _____.

I struggled with this, yes - that is what I said. I struggled with this for just a moment and Tara says...."38". duh. Then she's says "Jeez , I had a brain tumor and I can figure that out!"

We find humor in that which scares us.

When did we get old? That our friends are getting sick, and some are dying. That our children are embarrassed by us when we dance or sing in public. That all the songs the 'kids' are listening to are simply covers of Queen or Tom Petty songs...... That I can't even read the ingredients on the labels in the grocery store because I forgot my 'readers'. That "Thriller' is 25 years old this year- and my kids don't even know who Michael Jackson is. That the Cheetah Girl song 'Fuego' has the Lionel Richie "All Night Long" remix embedded in the song. That I can't remember what the answer to 26 -7 x 2 is. I mean, Jeez - it's not 6 x 8 or anything (family joke).

We find humor in that which scares us.



Anonymous said...

Answer to Emily....42...you were both wrong! Ha..finally got one right! 48...amazing. Make sure you tell Mom!
I love ya...your strong....We need 'ja.

Anonymous said...

Badump - Chhh...are you Chandler Bing - Ahhh Wooopa - ?

Go ahead and LOL - You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

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