Thursday, February 21, 2008


Made it out of the hospital...

Surgery went well yesterday. I actually did wake up as planned. No major problems this go around, except that I am an oozer according to Dr. Measles. So, as a precaution, he left me open on the table for an extra hour, just to make sure no hematoma developed. Now it is a waiting game for scar to heal and pathology to come back. Depending on what that shows, I definitely need at least one RIA treatment, hopefully no more than that.

Nothing funny or quippy to blog about today. Except Dr. Measles said I should look for signs of low blood calcium. Not the same as calcium in bones. Blood calcium levels can drop because of the parathyroid glands (4 little teeny glands behind the thyroid) can be disturbed or accidentally removed with thyroid lobes. Measles says that although these little glands are about the size of 1/2 a pinky fingernail, they carry more blood than any other organ in body. Symptoms of low calcium are tingling in face and mouth, cramping of hands, chest pains and noticeable anxiety.

How the hell am I to tell the difference between my normal level anxiety and a noticeable increase in anxiety?? Doesn't this guy know me at all??? Hubby and I laughed at that one.

Resting now. Gonna drift into narcotic sleep for a while.

Thanks to ALL for wishes, emails, phone calls really means a lot.


Tara said...

so glad you are home and comfortable in your own surroundings - although i do miss those leg massagers; all the while i thought it was too relax me, didnt know it was to kick start my circulation! Speaking from experience---not a good idea to blog, text, or do any pill poppin' (drunk) dialing. it all seems to make sense and is rather funny to you, however unless your receipient is as hopped up, not so much....
heading to the holy house this weekend so beware of your menorah exploding when i light up the alter candles!
luv you!

Anonymous said...

With your sense of humor and wit, I am sure you are destined to stay around for a long long time.
Love your blog, Hang tough..
Look forward to our next cruise.

Anonymous said...

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