Saturday, August 23, 2008

Peace Out!

Elvis is leaving the building! Or should I say , Swirl Girl is taking a little hiatus to Sin City. Chick's weekend (sort of a weekend, anyway) - with mom in Vegas. Going to earn my keep (hopefully).

I hope to hook up (not in the biblical sense) with Robin at Party Of Five. You should read her, if you don't already know her. As this is a mother-daughter weekend, I thought it only fitting to ask my mom if she minded if a bloggy friend could come to the casino for a drink. This is a real (read: slightly exaggerated for comedic effect) converstion with my mom.

Swirl Girl: "Hey mom, would you mind if I invited a bloggy friend to have a drink with us?"

Mom: "Do you know her?"

S.G. : "Not in the biblical sense."

M: "...."

S.G.: "Mom, you still there?" Is this thing still on, anyone ... anyone? Buehler?

M: "Do you know her?"

S.G. : "No, I don't know her, but she was one of the first ever commentors on my blog! I know her real name. I ran a background check , and ran her through CSI for prints. She came out clean."

M: " I would just be careful, that's all I'm saying."

S.G. : " Mom, it's not like I'm inviting her to sleep over...we are in a casino with boatloads of people. I trust her as much as I would trust someone not to steal my shit when I get up to pee."

M: "It's okay by me, just be careful"

I think my mom thinks she could be a whack job. Or she'll steal my purse or something. I think a casino is a fitting place to meet a possible whack job, don't you? There's some fierce competition for crazy in Vegas. So if I dont' write a post by say , Wednesday - you'll know my mom was right.

Peace Out!
**In reality I am a total wuss. If she goes for my purse, I 'm screwed. I am not worried, my mom's got a mean arm. Who knows, maybe her mom is telling her to be careful about meeting me!


Robin said...

Dude, your mom nailed it.

Steal your shit: Depends. What's in ya purse?
Whack Job: Possibly
Trustworthy?: Totally

See ya on Monday!

Insane Mama said...

Have Fun. Have you checked my fingerprints yet? did something come up? Is that why we haven't met yet?

unmitigated me said...

Oh my God. I thought my mom died, last year. There she is, in the casino!

Cristin said...

My Mom would be paranoid too...

Have fun! Get rich!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Vegas!

sassy stephanie said...

Just be careful that you don't meet for "a" drink, thn 10 later forget that you left your purse in the ladies room, therefore THINKING bloggy pal took it and ruining a beautiful relationship. ha ha. Have fun, bee0yatch (*jealous*).

amelia bedelia said...

Jealous!!! Have Fun. (do you carry pepper spray..just sayin')

Aubrey said...

You're mom is funny! I just hope she's not right! Just kidding!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly meeting your on-line friends in public can be kind of nerve wracking. I've had only really positive experiences but it still makes me nervous. Enjoy.

Weith Kick said...

When you meet Robin, well, did you ever see that movie "Single White Female?" I'm just saying.

No seriously, I don't think Robin has stolen anything in her entire life. And I KNOW our Mom would be the same way as yours.

Tiffany said...

This is very similar the the conversation that went down with my husband when I mentioned meeting you and IM for drinks... non-blogger just don't get it.

We totally "know" each other... right?

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Sounds just like my mom, except if I'd said "Not in a biblical sense" to her, she'd have died of mortification right there on the spot.

Fannie said...

This? THIS? Is why I don't tell anyone IRL that I have a blog!

Lula! said...

Ooooh...can't wait to hear all about it. And if you survived.

Just kidding.

Debbie said...

My advice? Pack heat and bring a camera ;) We need pics after you make sure you don't need the heat ;)

Trooper Thorn said...

Have a good holiday.
Thanks for your comments on the Olympics. Your names for the venues were great. You can rename the 2010 Vancouver buildings anytime.

Britt said...

lol a blog is a lot of work for a whack-job. They usually stay in the chat rooms :o)

Probably needless to say, but have fun!

Maggie, Dammit said...

ohmygosh this is hilarious.

I hope your weekend is awesome, and loaded with blog fodder. ;)

Unknown said...

Have fun!

Lula! said...

Are you back?

I miss you.

Sue Wilkey said...

I'm so jealous! I'd love to hook up with (I mean meet) one of my bloggy friends!

My mom is so clueless. When I named a post "Holla!" she called and said "Honey, you spelled 'Hola' wrong"
Also: this photo? "unseemly".

M said...

Oh my mom would have SO said the exact same thing!!

I don't even think she'd understand the whole "blog friend" thing.

TentCamper said...

Hope you come back with somuch green that you just feel inclined to take Insane Mama and I out for drinks a Dukes.

Now I need to go to Vegas