Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The One in Which She Says "(tap, tap, tap) Is This Thing On?"

I know, I know - it's been , like, for-EVER since I've posted.  Hell, it's been like forever since I've even logged into Blogger.  Barely remembered my password.  So where've I been , you ask?  HALLOO!  Testing, testing - is this thing on?  Okay, so all 1 of you want  to know where I've been.

Well, "I been to paradise but I've never been to me."....no seriously.

Like so many of us old-timers who used this here interwebs for purposes other than trying to make a living (I know, I know - there's thousands  nay, jillions of blogs out there and only like .00002 % of them make money at it)...I started this thing in 2008 when my wonderful Dad died and I went through my own medical nightmare.  Like many of us - this blog became my catharsis.  I started writing about emotion, feelings, angst.
**yawn**.  Then I started reading other blogs, commenting on favorite blogs, entering contests, winning contests ((read:  free stuff!)), attending a few conferences...you get it.  That was the first year. 

Then I tried to put myself into a cool category.  Yeah, it's cool to blog.  But gushing about your perfectly wonderful children, and your perfectly wonderful Hubby, and how you made perfectly wonderful this or that is ...quite frankly - perfectly dull.  So I tried to spice it up a bit.  I liked to think of myself as a humor blogger.  Humor as in if blogging were a bus, I'd be sitting in the back with the cool kids sneaking a smoke and a shot of Jaegermeister cool.     I thought I had found a way to show my imperfectly wonderful children, and my imperfectly wonderful Hubby and my imperfectly wonderful sense of humor to a community of like minded folk.  Sounds perfectly wonderful, no?  That was the second year.

But, then it became a job.  And equally as non-paying as the non-paying one I already have.  I would spend hours wracking my brain, combing through notes and the backs of receipts for ideas.  2 hours begat 4 hours begat 6 hours  ...became all frickin' day.  I felt guilty if I didn't leave a comment on someone's post.  I found myself becoming envious of those whose stick-to-it-iveness paid off for them  (yes, that .0000002%). 

It became laborious rather than a labor of love. 

So I up and quit it.

And now that it's summertime - and what I like to call "the Summer of No Responsibility" - I am back poking around .  So don't be surprised if I stop in here once in a while to re-introduce myself to you all.  They say once you've ridden a horse, it's easy to get back on.  Hopefully, I am still in some your blog-rolls (which for the uneducated is a list of links to other cool internetty stuff) and you might leave me a comment, or enter me in a contest, feed me ideas, vent, rant, laugh...whatever.  Please do so or else I might actually free fall off the Western Rim of the Grand Canyon like this:

I might be a Humor Blogger - but I have a very fragile ego.


Kevin McKeever said...

This corner of the blogosphere missed ya.

Debz said...

I haven't missed you anymore than you've missed me - lol. Now let me WIN one game for the lvoe of God will ya!!??

It's good to see you back. Funny thing is I just posted a little something, something too. Being from the same school of 2008 bloggers, I also gave it up. It truly did become a job or a chore. Not fun at all. But who knows, maybe our angst will drive us once again. ;)

Unknown said...

Hey!!! Welcome back... and what the heck are on everyone's feet in that picture?

Kelly said...

I could copy this whole post and put it on my blog with only a few excerpts removed!! I think the only people that I used to obsessively follow each day that are still posting are the ones that love to write and aspire to become writers professionally.
I also needed to re-enter my reality and end my blog obsession...it was actually interfering with family, work, etc. It will be nice to see you around every once in awhile - glad to hear you are well. :)