Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The One In Which If One More Person Asks Me What I Do With All My Free Time, I'm Going To Seriously Hurt Them

...because I am so tired of hearing that.

Forgive me Bloggy friends - it has been well over a week since my last confession blog post. I have been so busy with Presidenting the- underappreciated -all -volunteer- non- paying- position lately that I barely have time to visit other blogs much less actually write -something -coherent- and- mildly amusing. I know I am supposed to say something politically correct like ..."it is so rewarding" or some shit like that - but it isn't. I am wiped.

Time for a quickie here:

My kids are so damned cute it slays me. And what better way to appreciate your own children than by hanging out with other peoples' animals kids.

Examples of adorable-ness: The little one is quite the artist. The other day, she was drawing flowers. I said "Whatcha doin?" She says {duh} "I am drawing flowers mom. See? This one's a tulip. And this one's a threelips and a fourlips (no visual necessary - I think you get it)

We're watching some dance show on tv...she is watching the dancers go 'round and 'round slowly and she's counting "One, two, three - one,two,three ...Man, the waltz is a very dizzy dance!"

I also love the fact that my eldest unmarried daughter has to clean doo-doo from the Dragon's cage. I think that is what they call 'just desserts' or something like that' I am one sick muthuh.

"Rachel's just a smudge!" Emily shouts! We found our house on Google Earth -We found our house, and gazebo and sand box and there is a tiny pink smudge next to the sandbox...Yup, my kid is immortalized on satellite. Which makes me wonder ...if I can find a tiny speck of a smudge of a 5 year old on Google Earth, imagine what the 'bad guys' can find. Hhhmmm...discuss amongst yourselves.

And I really owe JenJen an apology - she gifted me this FAB award a few weeks ago because quite frankly a few weeks ago, I gave Good Blog. Now? It's debateable.

I am delegating ...which in my role as President of the PTA (and I love a commentor who said I was putting the T and A back into PTA!) I should do in order that I may have some free time. Go check these guys and gals out , althought they need no help from me...

Sass (truly thrilled that you are back and now you are my Facebook friend so I get you all the time and I wish we actually knew each other in real life because I think we are sisters from another mister)

The Organic Meatbag (who makes me frickin' crack up and is on vacation that SOB)

BeJewell (whose blog title reflects the old addage and a favorite song around here that mentions something about a musical fruit!)

And Literal Dan (who is a word nerd like me and beats my ever -lovin' ass at Lexulous 8 tiles at a time)

Oh yeah...

And this is what I do when nobody is watching. Sssshhhh - don't tell anyone that I not-so-secretly like Rocky (a.k.a Rockmaninoff, Rocky Balboa, Puff the Magic Bearded Dragon, Not Bullwinkle)


mariah said...

You are a nutjob and I say that with the utmost of love. How cute is she drawing three lips and more?!! Love her.and I also like your bearded family member!

JenJen said...

I think you still give good blog, baby.
Oh, and thanks for the shout, ain't you sweet?

I am thinking that "free time" is said by those who really mean the time when you aren't doing something for them. That would be my husband, in case you weren't clear.

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty gross!

Aunt Becky said...

I'll give you a fourlip.

for a different kind of girl said...

I wonder if a meal tastes better if you've let it crawl all over you before devoiring it, but to be honest, I don't really want to know!

I was amazed to find our house - including the now dearly departed turtle sandbox - on Google Earth. It was shocking how crazy detailed it was, and I was just as amazed you couldn't spot my kids in the yard. They must have been running through the yard at the time the satellite snapped!

LiteralDan said...

Thanks! And sorry about the Lexulous.

I always hated watching would-be meals climb all over my lizards/turtles/newts/frogs/toads while they sat there blinking at me with disgust, especially if I had to really try to scrounge up that meal the hard way.

At least yours managed to eat while he gave you a look and got a fancy cricket massage.

I swear they must just be really unnerved by the one walking on them --like someone smashing a donut on your cheek without explanation-- because they never even try to eat those. It's, oddly, the safest place for those guys to be.

Debz said...

Don't you hate when people ask that? Like your just sitting around doing nothing, just waiting until someone else has a need to be filled. Ugh!

And isn't it fun to pick on our kids? No matter how young or old they are. It's the reason I became a parent I think.

Anonymous said...

Whack job.

Anonymous said...

Someone said if you push anonymous it allows us to leave comments without signing in. Let's see if this works. Happy New Year. Fancy Nancy

Jodi said...

I'll take my horse, I mean dog, any day of the week over that.
And OMG - Anonymous called you a whack job. I laughed right out loud!

Sass said...

Is it wrong that I want to tell you we could put our twolips together? And make four lips?


It's wrong.

But I did it.

Yes I did.

Moooooog35 said...

Sass: How you doin?

Marie said...

(from SITS)
great site love what you have. love the design and color. keep up the great work. best of luck to you and congrats on becoming sassy.... :)

Sue Wilkey said...

What????? you AND McMommy are BOTH PTA presidents??????? The world has gone mad! Get back to your blogs, women!!!!!!

Cristin said...

Threelips and Fourlips slayed me.