Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The One In Which She Says "Happy Things-giving!"

Happy Things-giving everyone! What say you, Swirl Girl? Things-giving?

I know this is the time of year when we should all be thankful for our bountiful feast, health, family.....yada, yada, yada. But let's be real here. Aside from those things, today many of you are probably staking out the parking lot at YourLocalBigBox store to find the best parking spot and planning your strategy for conquering the masses so you can save big money on big ticket items like these frickin' things Zhu Zhu Pets (please, if you love me...don't) or the stupidest gift idea of 2009 (according to Dave Barry of the Miami Herald). Quite frankly, I cringe (read: enjoy and shudder because it is not now nor will it never be me!) watching the news roundups over the weekend seeing who got trampled , robbed, wig-ripped, beaten, and ripped off waiting for the doors to open at half past still-dark-thirty in the morning. My advice is to stay home and do your shopping from the comfort of your laptop. That's what I plan to do. Stay connected and unharmed.

If you have time between the basting and gorging - I wrote this little acrostic for my favorite holiday of all Things-Giving. The day when we celebrate all the Things in our lives.

Turkey is much better when enjoyed directly from the carcass (after cooking of course) and it is also a known fact that if you eat standing up - you don't gain weight. I like to pick,pick,pick the bits of crispy skin and turkey meat off the bone before the platter hits the table. Hubby and I fight over who gets the crispiest skin off the 'tushie' of the turkey (note to self: just realized it doesn't do much for me in the class and elegance department when I just told a gazillion all 16.5 of you people that my Hubby and I fight over who gets more ass). I also look daintier because I don't fill my plate as much.

Having leftovers is as much fun as having 18 people for the meal. And Friday afternoon SavvySassy mom and her family are coming over to enjoy turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey hash, turkey pie, turkey ice cream (okay, just checking to see if you're still paying attention)!

I learned that I could never have been a Squaw. Schlepping babies in papooses and all that getting in and out of the tee-pee wreaks havoc on my knees. (see picture above- which was snapped right before I let out a gigantic 'Oy-Vey' and had to use two 5 year olds to pull me off the floor once again illustrating why I should not wear skinny jeans, no matter how perfect the GAP says they are. They are 'standing up pants', ladies -much in the same way we all have 'sitting down shoes' and 'out shirts'...who's with me on this?)

New phone arriving any minute. I am getting the new Droid from Motorola. It's my first smart-phone. I barely use my cell phone now because it doesn't do anything but barely ring. I'm going big time social media.

'Go My Son is a song the Kindergarteners performed this morning...sure to clear your sinus cavities and schmear your make-up. (see video below- just in case you were wondering, she's the blond-double-braided- cutey-patootie-native-American in the middle row almost center)

Stupidest name for a phone ever. Droid. Dear Motorola - if you want women to buy it...find a new name for it. (note to self: just realized that I sort of just called myself 'not a woman' by insinuating that women won't buy the Droid which I previously just told you I did. The sheer fact that I made that very run-on sentence in this very run-on post would prove that I am indeed 'very' woman)

Girls rock. 'Nuf said. Thanks for giving me them.

I am so incredibly proud of my Emily Rose who submitted a short poem in the National PTA Reflections program. She received a Certificate of Commendation (only the 10 best submissions per category receive this in our District) for her efforts and while she does not move up the ladder to the next level of judging - she congratulated the girl who did . The theme of this year's program that celebrates the woefully under- funded Arts in our public schools was Beauty Is....and my daughter is surely beautiful!

Volunteering is supposed to make you feel validated that you are contributing to your community. If that is the case, why don't I feel that way? I am wiped out without benefits.

I still miss my wonderful dad (R.I.P. Poppy) who's favorite holiday ever was Thanksgiving. I'll bawl my eyes out when I dig into that pecan pie (his favorite). I wish he were here for my kids. (mostly for me). So much has happened in the nearly two years since you passed away. Some of it crappy - but so much of it was wonderful. I think of you daily, Daddy.

Nothing beats waking up Thursday morning with the smells of Thanksgiving wafting under your bedroom door. The best part? Tuning in to the Macy's parade and getting back into your bed for a while.

Give a little something to someone else this season. Sign up at SpiritJump.org to be a jumper and lift the spirits of someone battling cancer.


Candid Carrie said...

I puffy love you and your writing. In my head I have an idea what you sound like so when I read your stuff I am using my "Swirl Girl" voice. In fact, I can imitate you so well that I made myself cry reading this just like I think you would say it.

And in a weird way, I miss you.

Anonymous said...

i miss him toooooo. and i was almost in the macys thanksgiving day parade!!

Liz Mays said...

What is with those Zhu Zhu pets? I guess there's always something.

I think I'm skipping Black Friday on behalf of Cyber Monday!

Congrats to your Emily Rose!!

JenJen said...

I think I'd like to shoot the zhu zhu pet maker for making my life a living hell. And for the creator of such because EBAY is selling them for like, 10 times the amount.

Anonymous said...

We saw the picture on your blog. There seems to be an arrow over Rachel's head online. Loved your Thanksgiving Day blog. Hope you and the family have a great holiday. We are having some friends here for dinner. We were going to connect with Lynn and Tavit's family, but Marty said he would prefer to be at home. They have a huge crowd at Tavit's sister's house in Ft. Lauderdale.

All is well and Marty is playing lots of tennis. Did you get a chance to read my book? You are a wonderful writer. Have you ever thought about a book? Love, Nancy and Marty

Aunt Becky said...

I love of you and your Emily and your post.

Mariah said...

I'm coming over for Turkey soup! I just invited myself cuz I want to stay in the loop and fly my coop and get away from poop.

Besides I love you and your adorable kidlets!

Happy Thanksgiving My Friend

The Mom Jen said...

I read "H" fast and thought it read HANGOVERS....lol having leftovers...same thing! ;)

Justine said...

Oh Swirly, I am one of those insane people on the lookout for Zhu zhu pets. And NO ONE has them. Or if they do (online) they want at least $30 a hamster! I think not!!!

Instead of crying while you eat your pecan pie, send dad up a huge smile of thanks for filling your life with so much love!

And btw... you look beautiful in that picture!

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...

This was my first time on your blog and was terribly impressed with its content. How will I know when to look for more blog information in the future? Have a eat time with your thanksgiving day party and know we are thinking of you and wishing you a very happy holiday. Kiss everyone for us and don't eat to much bird. Love to all. Grandpa Marty and Grandma Nancy

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

We deep fry our turkeys...excellent for the crispy skin!

Anonymous said...

You made me cry again...

Anonymous said...

I see Nancy and Marty are having friends for dinner. It might be more traditional to have turkey, but who am I to judge??
Gobble, Gobble...burp!

Angelia (Texas) said...

Very cute, and funny!

How's the Droid? You should probably girly nickname your phone pronto, heh!

Scary Mommy said...

I love the smells of Thanksgiving, too. It's even better than the taste!

Cristin said...

I'm late to the party here, but Happy Thingsviging to you!

I did most of my eating and drinking standing up this weekend... so all free calories right!? Good.

Oscar said...

First time here. Came through Unraveling...

Fun post. I stay away from stores completely now.

I got the Droid - love it.
The pictures are cute. glad you and the fmily had a nice thnksgiving.

Now about fighting overass. LOLOLO

Claremont First Ward said...

Wow. You and SavvySassyMom really hit it off, didn't you? So cool.

I also like to pick, pick, pick standing up. In fact, this year I was at my dads house for Thanksgiving and the turkey was steamed. The outside didn't get crispy and I was DISAPPOINTED. :)

I couldn't do the papoose thing either. I was just talking about this to someone. They saw a woman with her baby in a papoose.....the poor baby. :)

Susan said...

You are so cute... that was a great post Swirl Girl!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I love the smell of Thanksgiving!