Friday, November 6, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

Today I am guest posting at Mom's Without Blogs...and it's not the usual sunshine and unicorn stuff I usually write about.

Here's a preview : (turn up your sound, don't skip this's the shizzle)

Pretty heady shit, huh? We I need to recognize that while our kids are just kids...they hear every thing we say and do - and it does affect them.

Go over to Mom's Without Blogs and get the rest of the story....then next time I post, I promise it'll be all rainbows and lollipop lovey-dovey rubby bum-bum you're used to seeing from me. {snark, snark}


JenJen said...

oh my.
Phinneas and Ferb in the chorus....

I love this Swirl. I imgagine that my daughter would sing a similiar tune sometimes.
Little shits can hear us after all, can't they...?

Jen said...

I like your post at MWOB and this was a really cool video. It is so true, kids see and feel everything.

Justine said...

I love it. "I'm kinda high strung because I'm young." ROFL

Justine :o )

Cristin said...

i'm late, but i'll head over!

Anonymous said...

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The Blonde Duck said...

Oh wow.