Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We Are Family

So today, as I do every Wednesday - I haul Emily and Rachel off to Hip Hop dance class. I usually so enjoy this hour. No really, I do. Not only to see Emily really excel at this genre of dance, but Rachel bops about and is a crack up. (see video clip a few posts ago for proof of that) Rachel is all tongue, lip syncing and really has a rhythm all her own. I am so proud of my girls - and...and I know you might find it hard to believe - but I am ashamadly, a stage mom to the Nth power. "Smile, Emily. Turn on the sauce, girls. Stay in formation!" And, all of this is done on a group exercise dance 'studio' at our gym...The show is not glitzy, no costumes or makeup. Just a bunch of kids who love to dance. I, on the other hand, will wear makeup and maybe a costume as at last session's show - there was a special guest. Kurt Russel (of Kurt and Goldie) , Forest's uncle came to his niece's ensemble.

Well, today - as part of preparation for the show in a few weeks, as part of the finale - Forest , the instructor (yes, as in Gump) turns on We Are Family by Sister Sledge. Within seconds of hearing the first few notes...I start bawling. Like a baby. Eyes and nose full of fluid. And, I cry hiding it.

This was one of my wonderful dad's favorite songs. This one, and Kool and The Gang's Celebrate . I had quick flashes of my dad - -his white man's overbite, two fists up, arms swaying, feet sashaying , hip swiveling dance style and - freakin' lost it!!

In fact, the last time I think he heard the song was at my niece's Bat Mitzvah - and he wasn't up to dancing on the dance floor. So we sat in our chairs -facing each other - doing the arm thing and mouthing the words to the song. Holding hands and pretending to twirl and dip. Whee! A gentle tear rolling down his face.

I think I bawled that night, too. And, I cry ugly.
We Are Family so now I know where Rachel gets her 'pirate face' cry .

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