Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remember, Reflect and Respond

As this was Memorial Day Weekend...the official start of summer, eat lots of BBQ, hit the beach, watch war movies (thank god for DVR, hubby)...it wouldn't be fitting the holiday unless we actually reflect upon things worth remembering.

-We called our favorite veterans on this weekend. Hubby's Uncle Don is a not only the creator of GI Joe action figure (for real!) but also a real live Korean war hero. Ironically, as we watched The Longest Day last night, and commented that just about everyone who starred in the film has moved on to the 'other side' - we think of Uncle Don and how he is still kicking ass and what a great representative of what is good about our heros. How being a war hero used to an heroic thing. Not just a post traumatic stress disorder waiting to happen.

- We think of all the men and women who have given their lives in recent years to the latest 'war' for us. War used to be seemingly for a good reason. This one, without going on and on about my own personal belief, just isn't. But, for whatever reason our soldiers have entered into it, what they are doing, risking, and giving is something to be appreciated and applauded. Some joined up to actually fight for a cause they believe in (not for other not so noble reasons as I am usually ready to recite)- so I owe it to them to respect their decisions and support their efforts however I can. I also think about their families - and how hard it must be for them to adjust to the separation and unfortuneately, sometimes the loss.

- We think of our own personal battles. We all have them. And no matter how big they may seem to some, or how trivial they may seem to others, they are real. And the truth of the matter is that the lessons we learn from these battles are there to be learned so that we may somehow alleviate the suffering for someone else. To pass that learning on - in some way, shape or form - in hopes that others may be spared , even just a tiny bit of pain and suffering.

So, while you were tossin' back a cold one, or sleeping in, or slathering on the sun tan lotion, or diggin' in to that rack of ribs this past weekend - I hope you took a moment to do what the holiday asks you to do - and remember something. Remember, reflect and respond.

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