Thursday, October 2, 2008

Randomly Popular or Random Popularity

(closed fingered , cupped hand, big swaying wave...back and forth , back and forth. Big vaseline toothy smile now, looks of disbelief, keep waving, keep smiling...Are my boobs tucked in and my stomach well corseted? Oh shit, the tape is peeling of my nipples and they are starting to pop out...good thing I have this sash.)

Kat over at Sunshine and Lemonade bestowed this bling on me...

Random, adj., by chance;with no plan or purpose Popularity n., being generally liked.

I guess you could say this is a good thing - sure I was surprised to win something in this blogosphere (hell, I enter every flipping contest and this is the first one that I have actually won)...or did I? I was randomly chosen as popular. By chance, with no plan or purpose - chosen as being generally tolerated and liked- kinda like American cheese. Not as bad as boring and plain as Velveeta, but certainly not as ripe and pungent as Gorgonzola or a wonderfully flowery Le Ter (the most amazing triple cream goat and sheep's milk cheese from Italy BTW).

Hell, I'm no Lula. She was actually picked or selected , quite unrandomly, as the most likely to be asked to dinner at Applebee's!

But I'll take being generally liked by all - and the bloggy bling is mighty fine.

Right back at ya Kat!

I am the Oxymoronic Blogger!! How can you be random and chosen at the same time?


My prize you ask? Besides the blog bling (does it go with my eyes?) I am going a real live fabulous vacation ....WITHOUT THE KIDS!!!!! Yessiree folks, read it and weep. Swirl Girl just said the magic words...WITHOUT THE KIDS!

Hubby and I are off to the land of poi and hula dances and Mai Tai's....Hawaii here we come!

Leaving Sunday right after the Relay for Life ....Grammy is coming to take care of the kids and schlepp them around for a week....

This is the first real vacation that we are having in about 6 years. And I don't mean a vacation like going on a chick's weekend to Vegas. (hell, that's work for me!) I need it bad. He needs it bad. WE need it baaaaad - together. Going to celebrate our 13th anniversary , sit on the beach, read a book with no rhyming passages or illustrations, and just generally get lei'd. Hopefully A.L.O.T.

Now if you were to post a contest for Most Envied Blogger - would I be the random or chosen winner?

Nyani Nyani BooBoo!


Fannie said...

Geez, didn't your mother teach you that it's not nice to BRAG? ;)

sassy stephanie said...

Damn girl. You crack me. Up that is. See why I had to call you out today?

Yes, the bloggy crown totally goes with your eyes.

And have FUUUNNN in Hawaii. Come back walkin' bow legged like a cowboy.

Mama Dawg said...

Congrats! You deserved to be randomly chosen!

Kgirl said...

I am jealous! I can't even get my blog to update on people's roll to let them know I'm posting and I'm blog stupid and can't figure out how to do half the crap on here....Oh, and have 13 drinks for me. 1 for each year toasting you and your man! Has swirl told any what a great cook her man is?????

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Don't you love winning an ironic contest?? You got bling. And a trip to Applebees. That has to beat a trip to Hawaii anyday. No worries. I am just trying to console myself. Because you are now the blogger I envy the most :-)

Have a fabulous time! Michael and I took a vacation together about 5 years ago. We so need to do that again!

jill jill bo bill said...

That is GREAT! We go on a cruise in Nov and like y'all NEED it. I am so happy for y'all. Hope lots of neat bloggable things happen beside BOW CHICKA WOW WOW

amelia bedelia said...

Congrats on your crown! It's purdy!!

Biscuit said...

How fabulous! Congrats! Enjoy the vacation, it sounds luxurious!

AngiDe said...

Congrat's on your randomly chosen award!! Aloha on your upcoming trip! If you've never been your gonna love it and Granny might have to adopt the kids cuz your not gonna wanna come back =) Enjoy!!


Tiffany said...


First of all, I would not be caught dead in an Applebees with Lula.

Second, have the best time EVER.

There is nothing like hotel room sex. Especially if the hotel room is in Hawaii.

Robin said...

Miss RANDOM popularity? Nahh...You're Miss POPULAR popularity YO! Congrats girlie!

When are you going to Hawaii?

Thanks for asking about my dad. He's doing great. We are all amazed at his recovery. He says he's never felt better. What a blessing.

The musical I auditioned for is at my church. Nothing major :-)

The Nice One said...

Congratulations Ms. Popular!

Wow...Hawaii? Awwww...sooo sooo jealous!

cIII said...

Maui Wauie = Souvenir for cIII.
Just sayin'.


Candid Carrie said...

You are coming back pregnant. Yup, you heard it hear first. Unless you guys have been spayed and neutered. Then you'll just come back all worn out with no pictures.

Manager Mom said...

I am going to have to try that cheese.

It will be a consolation prize to ease my jealousy over your vacation.

Anonymous said...

Sounds divine !


Lula! said...

Doggone right you're "no Lula."

You are way better than me. Seriously. I mean, hello...your name is not Debbie, you are a wine genius, AND you're the only Jewish person I know. Come on...there's not much cooler than that.

Plus, yesterday I spent 2 hours laying by the pool at the Flamingo, sneaking glances at this woman sitting near me...I could not figure out who I knew her. Was she someone famous? Someone I've previously met? And then it hit me...

IT'S SWIRL GIRL!!!! (I almost used your "real" name here!) I swear, she looked so much like you that it gave me a pang in my heart...'cause it wasn't you, but I wanted it to be. Yep.